Obtaining support for Enano

Need help getting started? Stuck? Looking to develop your own theme or plugin? There are quite a few places you can turn to for help.


The Enano Documentation Project is an ongoing effort to provide complete, human readable documentation for Enano. Most basic information on using Enano to edit pages, create categories, and effectively manage your site can be found here.

Support forums

Our support forums can be accessed at This can be useful if you have a highly specific question and need a human response. We recommend the support forums over other paid contact methods below because the forum allows the solution to your problem to be seen by everyone, thus saving us some effort.

Internet Relay Chat

Support via IRC is available in Freenode's #enano channel. Look for fu[h]ry or Conan_Kudo.


Enano announcements are sent out through enanocms on Twitter. For support, Dan Fuhry's Twitter account is danfuhry.

Private instant messaging support

Support can be obtained privately via instant messaging for US$20 an hour. This can be a good route if you'd like to support the project and you need very personal support, or if you have the need to give out passwords, etc. You need to have a PayPal account to get instant messaging support. Please contact the team by e-mail for more information.

E-mail support

You can if you want lower-priority private support. While this support channel is free, we don't always have the time to respond to every message that comes to this address.


If you appreciate Enano enough to use it commercially or want to show your support for our project, you can let us know by making a donation.

For plugin developers

The Enano Team will provide free support for developers that help to spread Free Software. If you're writing a plugin for Enano and you have plans to release the plugin under a Free Software license, feel free to drop us an e-mail and the development team would be glad to help you learn the Enano API - for free. This includes IM support if needed.

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