Yubikey YMS

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As a companion to the Yubikey login plugin, the Yubikey YMS plugin is a full implementation of a Yubikey management service (YMS) on top of Enano.

Features include:

  • Full support for Yubico's standard OTP format
  • Complete AJAX-based interface (smoothly degrades for browsers without AJAX support)
  • Enterprise features
    • Yubikeys can be added to pool where users can claim the key into their account
    • Additional validation is possible for key claiming (e.g. requiring a transaction ID or other proof of purchase)
  • Uses Enano's authentication API with flexible authentication options
  • Auto-detects the format of input data (ModHex, hex, or base64)
[ + ]Adding a Yubikey

The additional claim field

Enano's YMS lets users automatically claim Yubikeys as their own without having to go through a manual approval process. However, you may wish to supplement this with an additional level of validation so that someone who has gained physical access to a Yubikey cannot claim it.

(Todo: Finish documenting this)

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