Yubikey support

Enano 1.1.6 adds support for authentication plugins, which add the ability to log in using non-conventional methods. One such supported method is through Yubico's Yubikey device, a USB one-time-password (OTP) generator. The Enano project supports Yubico because of the incredible amount of openness seen in the Yubikey; indeed, without this code, a sizable portion of this Enano plugin project would not have been possible.
[ + ]The Yubikey user control panel module.

The Yubikey plugin requires Enano 1.1.6 or, more specifically, revision 843 or later (1.1.6 is rev. 998). Enano 1.0.x will not recognize or install it.

Latest revision: zip | tar.gz
Mercurial clone URL: http://hg.enanocms.org/repos/yubikey