Author: Dan Fuhry
Version: 0.1b3
Download: zip, tgz
License: GPL
Compatibility: 1.1.x
Mercurial: snapr (latest zip)
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Snapr was a plugin I made for my uncle to use on his photography site. I soon decided to release Snapr to the public. Welcome to the Snapr image gallery, Enano's first plugin to add a huge new branch to your site.


  • Intuitive UI
  • Supports uploading zip files
  • Unlimited folder depth (create as many folders as you need, as deep as you need them) - Snapr has its own VFS layer
  • Flickr style box tagging - drag a box around a part of your image you want to annotate.


Your /files/ and /cache/ directories need to be writable by the server - otherwise Snapr won't function. At all. Furthermore, ImageMagick is required if you use Enano 1.0.x. If your server is running Enano 1.1.x and you have GD support, Snapr will be able to function without ImageMagick.

To run the latest Mercurial revisions you must have Enano 1.1.8-hg.

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