Enano's blogging engine, code-named Nuggie, is an add-on that allows full fledged blogging using an Enano-based website. Codename NanoPress was single-user; Nuggie is fully multi-user.


  • Better setup than NanoPress
  • Controlled by users via the Preferences page
  • Includes privacy options
  • Comments supported
  • Search engine-friendly URLs
  • Full ACL integration
  • Full search integration
  • Graphical administration interface

Planet support

Nuggie also has a highly advanced, rule-based interface for managing planets, which are aggregations of blogs. Planets can be compiled based on a blog author, a tag on a blog post, or even keywords contained in a post. A planet can be marked as personal or public; personal planets are used by one user, while public planets are suitable for a homepage or other feature.


Several things are currently unimplemented:

  • An interface for graphically managing planets (they can still be created through manual access to the database)
  • Most of the admin interface


Nuggie requires Enano 1.1.4 or later.


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