Lightbox Gallery

[ + ]A slideshow in action.

Lightbox Gallery adds the ability to run a slideshow on your website - such as a screenshot tour or series of pictures - using Leandro Vieira Pinho's jQuery LightBox plugin. It has a powerful syntax that allows for putting a custom trigger to kick off the show.

Syntax overview

<lightboxgallery maxwidth="800">
  Image1.jpg | Description, using wikitext
    <a>Click here to start show!</a>

The <lightboxgallery> tag is used to create a show. List out images, one per line, optionally adding a description after a pipe character.

If the <trigger> tag is included, the wikitext inside of it will be used as the text on the page that starts the show. Use the syntax <a>text</a> (with NO attributes on the <a> - important!) for the link that actually starts it; this anchor will be automatically filled in with the necessary info by the plugin.

The maxwidth attribute specifies the maximum width of images in the slideshow in pixels. The default is 640, which is optimal for smaller screens. Enano will automatically scale the images to appropriate sizes, assuming you have GD or ImageMagick enabled.


Just see the Enano homepage :)


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