Enanium Backgrounds

The Enanium theme, new with Enano 1.1.6, is the first to provide template hooks. Enanium Backgrounds, the first plugin to use this new feature, gives users a background chooser with 12 backgrounds (from the Fedora project) to choose from.
[ + ]Screenshot of the plugin in action.

In addition to the stock backgrounds, uploading custom pictures and naming them appropriately will cause Enanium Backgrounds to recognize the picture and include it in the switcher. To do this:

  • Upload a JPEG image, preferably a large but very compressed (about 50-75 quality) to plugins/enaniumbg/.
  • Create a 16x16 thumbnail/icon version of the image and save it as a PNG file with the same name as the JPEG image. For example, if you're uploading aqua_blue.jpg, save the PNG file as aqua_blue.png. Upload this PNG file to plugins/enaniumbg/icons/.
  • Name your file using lowercase letters and underscores. Enano will intelligently convert the filename to a human-friendly name; e.g. aqua_blue.jpg will be automatically named "Aqua Blue" by Enano.

The plugin also allows customization of the background image behavior and can set a background used for everyone instead of allowing users to choose a background, or it can change the default background while retaining the switcher. The background preference is stored in a cookie.

Download: zip | tar.gz
Mercurial: http://hg.enanocms.org/repos/enaniumbg/