Enano is a new, innovative CMS concept designed to be flexible and user-friendly.

The design concept of a wiki is incredible: a page is created just by linking to it. We took that even farther, by implementing the structure of a wiki into the architecture of a traditional CMS that supports many different modular features. Enano is designed from the ground up to be both a wiki at the core, and a flexible, open development model that lets you add anything you want.

Content Management: It doesn't have to be rough around the edges.

The first thing you'll notice with Enano is its beautifully designed user interface. We combined the best of what we saw in other web (and desktop!) applications with our own design, and we think you'll love the result. Enano was the first CMS to use live page editing, back in 2006. Today nearly all of Enano's UI is client-side, and as a result Enano has developed a reputation for having one of the most responsive and dynamic interfaces out there.

You can either format Enano pages using MediaWiki-style wikitext, or switch to TinyMCE for a more friendly graphical interface. Enano seamlessly switches between the two formats, and if you want to change the formatting of a page, that can be done with one button.

Developers love it too.

Enano as a platform was designed to take care of the gritty details for you, so that you can develop your application's core functionality on top of Enano's reliable and open API. Enano takes care of database abstraction, user management, "fancy" URLs, page layout, caching, Javascript based effects and windows, and tons more.

Though it was designed as a wiki in the core, Enano as an application platform provides an environment that lets you write full-blown web applications without worrying about building something from the core upwards. Want to learn more? Check out the developers' portal. If you want, you can also jump right into our API documentation wiki, a manually written, clear, organized and consistent guide to writing plugins for Enano.

Enano is Free Software. We chose the GNU General Public License because we want to make sure that everybody has the ability to use Enano to its full potential.

With Enano, support is easy and quick.

If you encounter a problem, we're waiting to help. Support starts with our forums but we offer everything from Twitter to IRC to e-mail support - all free. The Enano team is ready and willing to help you out in whatever way you need it.

We take pride in the quality of Enano's documentation. The Administrator's Handbook is a wiki and, in addition to being a great example of a website built with Enano, offers a complete guide for using Enano, all the way from installing to editing pages to full-tilt administration.

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