Access control lists

One of the most powerful features of Enano is its fine-grained access controls. We didn't cut anything back with this one - if you're used to Windows-style permissions, you'll love the power you get with Enano. ACLs (Access Control Lists) are what you'd use to restrict access to a certain group of pages, create a members-only section of your site, or give a certain user special abilities without making them a full moderator or administrator.
[ + ]The ACL editor interface

The ACL interface was one of the most focused-on parts during Enano's development. We've created a super-efficient wizard that gets the job done for you as fast as possible - so adding a large number of ACL rules is as painless as possible.

Furthermore, Enano's grouping features allow you to group both users and pages together, assigning permissions for any user or usergroup, on any page or group of pages. Managing sections of your site, no matter how large, couldn't be easier.

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