Download BitNami packages

This is where you can download the Enano Project's open source BitNami module installers for Windows and Linux. Unlike the ones provided by BitNami, our installers are entirely open source, and are based on much more compact installation frameworks. Currently, Windows and Linux are officially supported; the Linux version is also occasionally tested on Dan's little brother's iMac G5 and is fairly usable under Mac OS X.

Windows version

Download the Windows module installer
Requires BitNami WAMPStack or WAPPStack v1.1.2 or later.

This installer is based on NSIS v2.45 and ExperienceUI v1.3.1. It fully supports installation and uninstallation on both MySQL and PostgreSQL. It includes Enano 1.1.7pl1.

Linux/Mac OS X version

Download the Linux and OS X module installer
Download developers' version
Requires BitNami LAMPStack or MAMPStack v1.1.2 or later.

How to install:

chmod +x enano-<version>

This installer is based on shell scripts, so it should be run from a terminal. As long as you have write access to your BitNami installation, it doesn't require root access. It does not support PostgreSQL yet. The script drops a simple uninstaller in /apps/enanocms/ The Enano version included is 1.1.8.

The developers' version doesn't have a copy of Enano in it. Instead it uses mkenanodev to clone the master Mercurial repository and set up a full development-ready Enano environment within a BitNami stack.

PowerPC users: Please ensure you use Enano 1.1.8 (now packaged standard). There was a fix that went in to Enano after 1.1.7 that works around PHP's integer size limitation (it doesn't support 32-bit unsigned integers) on PowerPC systems.

Nightly builds

Our server produces nightly builds of both the Windows and Linux module installers. These builds always use the latest revision of Enano from Mercurial, and are refreshed every 2 hours.

Source code

Windows installer
Linux installer

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