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So you think you'd like to give it a try? Great! Just select the options you want below and our download customizer will generate a unique, customized download package for you.

After you click Start Download, you'll be provided with a direct link to your file. Use this direct link if you want to download the Enano package using wget or another download utility.

If you have a BitNami stack installed, you are now also able to download our own open source module installers. These offer full support for all of Enano's configuration options so you have just as much control over the site as you would if you used the web installer.

Enano contains cryptographic code. By downloading Enano you are certifying that you are not affected by United States export control laws.
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Windows patch1
You only need this if you plan to use Rewritten URLs and your server is running Apache 2.2 on Windows.

Select this only if you need it. Read below.
Download as a tarbomb
This can be useful if you're upgrading an existing Enano installation. Most people won't need to turn this option on. Enano tar bombs may be safely decompressed without damaging configuration files, but if you use plugins that change Enano system files, those files will be overwritten.

Please ensure that you verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the MD5 and/or SHA1 checksums provided. This helps to ensure that your download completed accurately and safely. Using a corrupted copy of Enano could cause your site to malfunction or put it in danger.

1 The Windows compatibility patch fixes a known issue involving servers running Microsoft Windows and Apache 2.2 or later with Enano's Tiny URLs option enabled during installation. Basically what happens is the server yells about an invalid request whenever a URL with a colon in it is requested. This renders all special pages, including login and administration facilities, unusable. The Windows patch fixes this by altering the URL prefixes for all but the main namespace by replacing the colons with periods.

Version numbering

Enano uses the Linux kernel numbering system for version numbers. This means that all version numbers are in the form of X.Y.Z. X is the major release, Y is the minor release, and Z is the revision. If Y is odd, that indicates an unstable release of Enano that shouldn't be used in production. There is one exception to this rule: the Enano 1.0 beta versions are labeled 0.8.x here for sorting purposes. They are still unstable and most contain known security vulnerabilities.

Note on downloading past versions

Many releases of Enano include security fixes. Unless you're willing to patch an old version with newer security fixes, you should avoid using versions older than the latest one.