Admin demo

So maybe you want to see how well Enano will do before you jump in and install it on your server. No problem - just log into our demo site and play around to your heart's content.
[ + ]Don't worry - everybody's doing it!
--> Demo of Enano 1.1.8pl1 <--
Demo of Enano 1.0.6pl4
Nighthawk status:

Note: This demo site is hosted on Dan's personal server, Nighthawk. If Dan's dorm Internet is down, so is the demo. The decision has been made to keep the demo site on Dan's server in order to minimize damage in the event that the demo's security code is compromised.

On this site you have full access to the administration panel (a lot of things are disabled for my server's security), the page editor, moderation tools, and a whole lot more. The only things you can't do are embed PHP or Javascript into pages, delete users, and delete the access control rule that locks everything down.

The login information is as follows:

Username: Admin
Password: demo

The catch: It's reset once every two hours or when someone requests a reset in the admin panel. So don't copy your blog there or anything.

Running your own demo?

Enano has a few features that might give your users more control over your server than you might want - for example, embedding PHP code into pages and sidebar blocks. To lock down your demo site, download the Enano Demo mode plugin (for Enano 1.0 or 1.1) and install it. The plugin will freeze all access control lists and the site configuration, so make sure you've configured the site exactly to your needs before enabling the demo plugin. The demo plugin will also reset your site every two hours and change the admin username and password to "Admin" and "demo" respectively.