The Enano Team

Enano was brought to you by the following people. Without them, Enano wouldn't be anywhere near where it is now.

Dan Fuhry

Dan originally started on PHP in November of 2005. He was working hard on another project, the ExperienceUI, and decided it needed a spiffy website. It was from the ExperienceUI site's basic design that the idea for Enano was born. About 0.2% of the modern Enano codebase was originally used in the ExperienceUI website.

Dan is the project leader of Enano, and writes most of the code. He doesn't enjoy writing about himself in third person, like he is right now.

E-mail: IRC: fuhry PGP key ID: 40FD6D2E Twitter: danfuhry

Neal Gompa

Neal also came from the ExperienceUI team. He discovered the ExperienceUI while writing an installer for VirtualDub, and soon began to contribute ideas and code.

Neal is Enano's testing lead, marketing and advertising director, and unofficial constant source for a second opinion when one is needed. He also manages the Enano CMS BitNami module.

E-mail: IRC: Conan_Kudo PGP key ID: 48B6C2AA Twitter: Det_Conan_Kudo

Manoj Maddali

Manoj was a contributor to Enano for some time, but has since returned to his studies.

David (aka The General)

David joined the team to help us test out Enano 1.0RC1. He's helped us test quite a bit on Windows. He's also Hazel on The Admin Zone.

Other acknowledgments

We want to specifically thank Network Redux for providing us with web hosting.

A big "thank you" also goes out to those who have donated to Enano.

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