If you think Enano is doing a nice job of managing your website, you can let us know by donating a few bucks.

Our pledge to users: We promise that Enano will always be free, both in price and in freedom. We also promise that we will never restrict access to support, plugins, themes, or other resources to donors. Enano is about revolutionizing content management, not making money. If you do decide to donate, we promise to use the money in a way that will promote the project, such as advertising.

Our position on donations: Many developers of Free Software tend to believe that they are somehow entitled to money just because they develop Free Software. They see their work as a source of income. However, for us, Enano is a side project. Nobody works on it full time, and nobody is admitted to the project with any expectation of financial benefit. Like many open source projects, we don't pay for servers or bandwidth because they're also donated. So when these guys try to convince you that downloading their GPL-licensed software without paying for it is like taking candy from a starving child in Africa, smack them in the face.

How to donate

  • Just send money! How about 10s and 20s? If you're feeling generous, or want to support the project but don't need help, you can donate directly, receiving only our sincerest thanks in the form of an acknowledgement on the Donors page. What follows is the only donate button in the entire Enano universe:
  • E-mail and IRC support has always been free, and always will be. Support over IM is $20/hour. The difference is that over IRC or e-mail, you're subject to project members' sleep/school/work schedules. Over IM, we're subject to your schedule. You'll usually get a response on IRC within several minutes to several hours depending on the time of day, but IM will make our phones beep and get you a reply instantly.
  • We will set up Enano on the web host or server of your choice for a flat fee of $20. This includes installation of up to 5 plugins.
  • We can develop plugins, themes or an entire website for you for $30/hour.

If you wish to take advantage of any of the above services, Contact the Enano team.

A list of acknowledgements of those who have donated to the Enano CMS Project is available here.

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